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A Class 4 Vehicle is a Heavy Rigid Vehicle with a GVM
(Gross Vehicle Mass) of over 18,000kg.
Q.: Are you 25 years old or over?
Yes - To get your Class 4 Learner Licence you must have had your Class 2 Full Licence for at least 3 months.
No, under 25 years old - To get your Class 4 Learner Licence you must have held your Class 2 Full Licence for at least 6 months.
Q.: Do you need to get a NZTA Medical?
If you have not handed in a NZTA Medical for a drivers licence in the past 5 years, or if your medical condition has changed, you will need to get a NZ Transport Agency Medical from your Doctor - check with your licensing agent to confirm (you can call them with your driver's licence information on 0800-822-422.)
Q.: Do you have your Class 4 Learner's Licence?
You need to get a Class 4 Learners Licence from a driver licencing agency (e.g. AA, VTNZ) before you can sit a Fast Track course with us. There is no specific theory test for a Class 4 Learners Licence, as the questions are the same for the Class 2 Learners Licence, so you should just need to fill in an application form, hand in a medical (if required) and pay a fee (Please note: If you have lost your licence, e.g. through disqualification, then you need to sit the Class 2 Learner Licence theory test.) You must remember to take your photo driver licence (or other accepted form/s of ID,) and application fee when you go to apply for your Class 4 Learners Licence.
Q.: Do you want your Class 4 Full Licence the FAST WAY or the SLOW WAY?
As with the Class 2 Licence you have a choice: either, wait six months, driving under the supervision of a person who has held a Class 4 Licence or better for at least two years, then take a Class 4 truck to a licensing agency, and sit a Full Licence Test with a Testing Officer, or:
FAST WAY - Do a NZ Transport Agency Class 4 Full Licence Course with Drive Right. The course takes one to four sessions, depending on your previous course/s if relevant, and you do not have to wait the 6 months or sit a practical test with the AA.
We require our students to be vetted to book onto this Course, please contact us to discuss.

The cost of our Class 4 Full Licence Course is from $1,500.00 to $1,700.00* including gst (again depending on your previous course/s if relevant) and including use of our Class 4 vehicle^. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required on booking the course with the balance due at the time of the course. Please contact us if you would like a written quote - we are a Registered Provider to Work & Income.

*The $1,500.00 course option is for someone who can provide acceptable evidence of having completed a recent Class 2 course, including Unit Standards 24089 and 17574. If you completed your Class 2 Course with us we already hold this information for you. This option is only one to two sessions. An additional theory session at an additional cost of $200.00 applies if you cannot provide acceptable evidence of having completed Unit Standard 17574 (class 2) and/or Unit Standard 24089 (fatigue management, work time and driver logbook requirements) as part of a Driver's Licensing course. Evidence can be either your half of the NZTA Certificate given to you on completion of your course, or a letter or email from the course provider stating the course completed and confirming your date(s) of completion. Your NZQA Record of Learning is unfortunately not 'acceptable evidence' for this purpose.

^Up to three hours of supervised practical/drive time with an instructor in our Class 4 Vehicle with our instructor is included in the course cost, with an additional hourly fee due for any time required above this (3 hours is more than enough for a competent driver who is experienced in driving a manual transmission vehicle and has sufficient Class 2 driving experience.)