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Kenepuru, Porirua
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Email: pania@driveright.nz
Dear Students, we are aware of the long wait times when booking restricted and full practical tests with AA/VTNZ. The main reason for this is the 'free re-sit' policy implemented by NZTA, which was intended to help lower-income drivers overcome the cost barrier to obtaining and upgrading their licence.
However, abuse of the system by people hoping to fluke the test rather than learning to drive, has led to genuinely test-ready candidates not being able to book their tests in a timely manner; now waiting months and having to travel well outside their usual area. We are unable to provide the practical tests for restricted and full car licences, nor can we effect any change to the policy. The only way they'll change the process, is by each affected person (or their representative, such as a parent/caregiver) calling NZTA on 0800 822 422 and making a complaint. Ensure you get a reference number for your call. 
Car (Class 1) driving lessons:
$85.00 per one hour lesson
including vehicle use and pick up service in the Porirua area. 
Test-preparation and driving-assessment only until further notice; candidates must have at least 100 hours' driving experience in New Zealand. Bulk Packages are no longer available as at 20 February 2024
Pick up service available in Porirua, or can meet at pre-arranged site
(e.g. Drive Right premises, or the local train station) within the region for lessons.
Manual^ or Automatic transmission available. 
Lessons can be completed in your own vehicle, provided that vehicle holds a
current registration and warrant of fitness, and is of a current warrantable standard.
You must have at least a Class 1 (car) Learner's Licence to learn to drive;
you must also have your licence on you at all times while driving,
including while on lessons with an instructor -
remember to bring your licence with you.
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^Manual lessons are subject to the student already being able to start, move off, get up to second gear and stop, without stalling.
All prices subject to change.