'W', 'R' & 'T' ENDORSEMENTS                         
To gain your 'W', 'R' and/or 'T' endorsement/s you need to sit a NZ Transport Agency Approved Course,
which we offer at our PassRitepremises in Porirua, and can book as required.
The cost of our full WRT course to get all 3 Endorsements is $475.00 incl gst.
If you just need 1 endorsement the cost is $375.00 incl gst. 
Pleasecontact usif you would like a written quote - we are a registered provider to Work & Income.
For a group of 4 or more, with suitable equipment available at your site, we are happy to run a course at your own premises at no extra charge (travel costs may apply if outside of the Wellington area.) 
Contact us for further information.
Please note that bookings are essential aswe need to supply you with pre-course trainee reading,
which contains the information you need to read to be prepared for the assessments. We can email this to you without a deposit.
Please note that if you would like the physical copy of your Operator Safety Handbook prior to your course we will need a deposit of $100.00 incl gst.
If you need to use Wheels, Rollers or Tracks machinery on a road as part of your work as an operator you will need the corresponding
endorsementto the machine as well as the class of licence appropriate for the vehicle you are driving (e.g. 'T' Tracks Endorsement with
a Class 1 (car) Full Licencefor a self-laying tracks vehicle not more than 18,000kgs, please see here for more information.)
The 'W', 'R' and 'T' Driver Licence Endorsements are not operator qualifications, they are Licence Endorsements that allow you to legally
drive thevehicles on a road, or in an open yard, etc. They are also evidence that you have undertaken a theory courseand havedemonstrated
your ability to move a machine safely on-to and off-of a road.

Prices subject to change - current as at June 2021.