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We are proud to offer the NZ Ministry of Transport (MOT) Safe and FuelEfficient Driving courses.


The SAFED programme promotes and teaches a safe and fuel efficient driving style.

The techniques learnt through SAFED NZ can improve driver safety, confidence and performance,

and have a positive impact on your OPERATORS SAFETY RATING (ORS), as well as reducing

fuel and maintenance costs.


Clickhereto see more information about your ORS and the positive impact that the SAFED NZ

couse can provide (as recommended by the NZ Transport Agency.)


As a MOT Approved Senior Instructor, Stephen Wickens is authorised to offer both the two day

course for those becoming SAFED NZ instructors, as well as the one day course for drivers.

Both the truck and bus courses can be offered; PassRite's Class 5 vehicle is available for use at no extra cost,

if a bus or other vehicle is required it must be provided by the participants or hired at an additional cost.


For further details of the MOT SAFED NZ Course, please click here.


Due to MOT requirements, and the logistics of the course, each course has a minimum and a

maximum of twoparticipants, guaranteeing you individualised instruction. The driver course costs

$1,000.00includinggst per person and the instructor course costs $2,500.00 including gst per

person. For courses at our branch in Porirua this includes the use of our Class 5 vehicle (participants

must hold a current Class 5 licence to use this vehicle. For other areas, or if a Class 5 licence is not

held, a suitable vehicle must be provided by participants or hired at an additional cost.


So that your fuel savings can be accurately measured during the course, the MOT requires the use

of a vehicle fitted with electronic fuel metering. The PassRite Class 5 vehicle is fitted with this, if you

require a different vehicle it also mustmeet these requirementsand be able to capture the necessary data,

as well as being suitable for the licence the participants hold(e.g. Class 2, 4 or 5.)


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