If you want to drive a heavy vehicle, such as a truck or bus, you will require the right 'Class' of licence for the vehicle you want drive.
Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5 are the licence classes for Heavy Motor Vehicles.
Most heavy vehicle drivers go through a graduated system from Class 2 to 4 and then from 4 to 5, as Class 3 is both optional and rarely required.
Each Class has a 'Learner Licence' and a 'Full Licence' stage.
Classes 2, and 5 (or 3 if that is completed,) have Theory Tests required to gain the Learner Licence.
All Classes require a Test or Assessment to be passed to gain the Full Licence.
More information on each Class can be found by clicking on the links below; please contact us if you would like further information.
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